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LPE NYC: Unequal Procedure

Mar 14, 2024


NYU Law, Vanderbilt Hall, Room 218

Time of Event:

Thursday 12:10 ET

Please join LPE NYC on Thursday, March 14 from 12:00-1:00 ET for Unequal Procedure: LPE and Civil Procedure. Helen Hershkoff will lead a conversation featuring Charlton Copeland, Kathryn Sabbeth, and Daniel Wilf-Townsend on inequality in the various domains touched by civil procedure. The panel will focus on how procedure magnifies and creates inequality, with particular attention paid to the role of corporate influence and the fate of litigants in state court proceedings.

Charlton Copeland is a Professor of Law at University of Miami School of Law, where he teaches Civil Procedure, Federal Courts, Administrative Law, and the Regulatory State. Kathryn Sabbeth is a Professor of Law at Rutgers Law School. Professor Sabbeth teaches, writes, and litigates about civil (in)justice and housing. Recent publications include Eviction Courts; Racial Capitalism in the Civil Courts; and The Gender of Gideon. Daniel Wilf-Townsend is an Associate Professor at Georgetown University Law Center, where he studies questions of consumer protection and civil procedure. Helen Hershkoff is a Professor of Constitutional Law and Civil Liberties at NYU School of Law.