Sex Work Reading List

Lorelei Lee

Here are some really excellent online essays and articles all written by, or very much centering the voices of, people with lived experience trading sex.

Administrative Law

K. Sabeel Rahman Brooklyn Law School

This course provides an introduction to the nature and functioning of federal administrative agencies, and to the legal and policy issues that arise. The course covers such topics as: the Constitutional position and structure of administrative agencies; the Administrative Procedure Act and agency rulemaking and adjudication; judicial review of agency actions; access to judicial review.…

Law, Markets, Culture

Angela Harris & Emma Coleman Jordan UC Berkeley & Georgetown Law Center

This article describes a seminar titled ‘Law, Markets, and Culture’, which addressed the role of law in constructing economic relations and in portraying markets and economic relations as natural facts, distinct from the realms of politics and culture. The goal of the seminar was threefold: to get the students — and ultimately the next generation…

Legal Foundations of Capitalism

Luke Herrine (with Amy Kapczynski) Yale University

In the legal academy and elsewhere, the dominant way of thinking about the process of production, commerce, finance, and social provision more generally is the framework of neoclassical economics. So hegemonic is the orthodoxy that its models are commonly treated as the only way to think clearly about how these phenomena work. The notion that…