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Announcement: 2020 Summer Academy on Law, Money and Technology


The 2020 Summer Academy on Law, Money and Technology: ‘Transforming Political Economy’ will run Monday-Friday, July 13-17th. It is open without registration or fees. For more about the event and useful links/instructions to join the event:

The aim of the Summer Academy this year is to contribute to the growing academic community engaged in the dynamics of law and political economy. Over our five days together, we hope to continue conversations into core themes at the interface of law, money and technology, experiment with how our teaching and conversations can be informed and can refine our political/ethical commitments, and offer space for the community to continue getting to know each other and share best practices and opportunities. And in the process, to have some fun – or something close, and there are a number of breakout sessions and post session spaces for folks to have more chances to speak and listen to each other.

In Summer 2019, the Association for the Promotion of Political Economy and Law (APPEAL) and the Institute for New Economic Thought Young Scholars Initiative (INET YSI Finance, Law and Economics Working Group) organized a two day event with the University of Manchester Law School. The event brought more than 40 emerging and established scholars to spend time together in Manchester thinking about the intersection of political economy and law.

The event was part of a much broader movement taking place within academic communities across the United States, the United Kingdom and Europe to build a ‘new left’ or to ‘reimagine a new progressive era’, which is woke to the limits of past movements (e.g., gender, race), literate in finance and governance (e.g., interested to understand contemporary banking operations), and committed to structural change (e.g., not at the expense of identity based reforms, but focused on a fresh socio-economic vision for society).

This year, the Summer Academy will run a 2 hour session Monday-Friday, as well as a Virtual Happy Hour afterward on Monday and Friday. The Sessions bring together more than 25 emerging and established scholars to speak on five themes: Intellectual Community Building (‘Know Your Allies’), Algorithmic Governance, Rethinking Political Economy (‘The Money Side of Things’), Understanding the Mainstream and What to Do About It (‘Know Your Opposition’), and Cross-Disciplinary/Field Perspectives. We hope to see you there!