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Weekly Roundup: December 10, 2021


At the Blog

We featured a set of posts about the recent attacks on critical race theory:

On Monday, LaToya Baldwin Clark argued that backlash to CRT feeds into the notion that education isn’t just a social public good, but instead has defining aspects of property. Under this view, education belongs to parents and taxpayers, who are entitled to have their wishes granted, even when those wishes contradict the judgment of educational experts.

On Wednesday, Diana Reddy situated attacks on CRT within broader conservative efforts to privative education. Many of the loudest critics of CRT, she observes, hail from libertarian organizations that have long offered “school choice” as a remedy to any and all educational ills.

In LPE Land

Over the past few years, the exigency demands of protest and politics have sparked an exciting set of changes to law school curricula across the U.S. Students have demanded a sharper focus on the intersections of race, class, gender and the law and many law schools have responded. With this in mind, and with the hope that we might build on this momentum, we are hoping to gather information about the exciting initiatives around the country working to introduce a critical perspective into the 1L curriculum. We are interested in curricular reforms, new courses that have been developed, as well as student-led organizing initiatives. If you have been involved in any such initiatives — including formal programs, courses, or student-led organizing — we would be grateful if you would take two minutes and complete this survey. Thank you!