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Weekly Roundup: December 3, 2021


At the Blog

On Monday, Sanjay Jolly and Victor Pickard drew on the work of C. Edwin Baker to diagnose the ills that plague our current information infrastructures, and to outline a renewed policy program for media democracy.

On Tuesday, Aziz Rana explained how recent attacks on CRT are the most recent iteration of a much longer rightwing political movement. For more than century, arguments about American universalism have been perhaps the dominant way of articulating white resistance to racial reform.

And on Thursday, Destin Jenkins anchored our symposium on his Bonds of Inequality, by reflecting on the political implications of the metaphors we use to describe municipal debt and considering some of the policy alternatives discussed throughout the symposium.

In LPE Land

Cool job alert: Athena is looking for a new Coalition Director to coordinate and lead the coalition, its staff, governing body, and member organizations in challenging the most powerful corporation in our planet’s history.