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Weekly Roundup: July 2, 2021


At the Blog

We rounded out our symposium on the Neoliberal Republic:

-Ivana Isailović explored the gendered and racialized components of neoliberalization in the EU and encouraged other scholars of neoliberalism to stop ignoring them.

-Alessand Arcuri expanded Vauchez and Paris’s approach to tracing neoliberalism through the revolving door by turning her gaze to the institutions of international investment law.

We also continued our symposium on Law and Settler Colonialism in Palestine:

-Diala Shamas analyzed the role global Zionist non-profits play in supporting the project of unlawful Palestinian displacement and proposed stripping non-profit status.

-Fady Khoury argued that focusing on the 1967 borders fails to grasp the unitary nature of Israeli-controlled territory between the river and the sea.

In LPE Land

The brand spankin’ new student-faculty co-edited LPE-friendly Michigan Journal for Law and Society put up its initial call for papers. Check it out!