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Weekly Roundup: July 30, 2021


At the Blog

We hosted the second and final part of our symposium on Courts and Capitalism, which is part of the Democracy Beyond Neoliberalism conference:

Joey Fishkin wrote about the long history of the Supreme Court’s opposition to democracy, drawing on his forthcoming book The Anti-Oligarchy Constitution.

Judge Lynn Adelman wrote about judges’ role in this moment of overlapping crises.

Separately, Diana Reddy considered the emergence of a union strategy of “bargaining for the common good” and how organized labor can navigate the fact that labors’ demands and tactics often aren’t popular in a more consumerist society

In LPE Land

For folks who are going on the market, LPE and APPEAL will be co-hosting office hours in August 3. Sign up by today!

And the deadline for that CFP for the Michigan Journal of Law & Society is approaching!