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Weekly Roundup: June 25, 2021


At the Blog

Angela Harris, Amy Kapczynski, and Noah Zatz argued that LPE analyses are incomplete without tracking the way law shapes what counts as “the economy” and what is not.

We began a symposium on Antoine Vauchez and Pierre France’s book The Neoliberal Republic on the emergence of French neoliberalism.

Vauchez himself kickstarted the symposium with a summary of the book’s argument.

Then Dave Trubek asked what strategy Vauchez and France’s diagnosis points to.

And Ioannis Kampourakis explored how the close exploration of the role of corporate attorneys in shaping the French state resituates the public-private distinction.

More on French neoliberalism next week!

In LPE Land

APPEAL’s “What is Capitalism?” reading group meets today at 2:00-3:30pm Eastern Time (UTC-4). It will focus on labor and property rights. The discussion will be led by Professor Kim Christensen, Sarah Lawrence Economics Department, and Martha McCluskey, Professor Emerita, University at Buffalo Law School. Details here.