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Weekly Roundup: March 26, 2021


At the Blog

Salomé Viljoen summarized her argument that egalitarian approaches to data governance must focus on horizontal relations between data subjects rather than vertical property-like rights between the surveillance apparatus and individual users.

Andrew Tuch argued that some of Lina Khan and David Pozen’s objections to Jack Balkin’s “information fiduciary” proposal are based on a mistaken understanding of how corporate law works.

And Kate Andrias and Ben Sachs recounted their framework for how law can build countervailing power across multiple domains.

In LPE-Land

The Democracy Beyond Neoliberalism Conference marches on after a blockbuster week. Next up is the panel of intersectional environmentalism, on April 8.

APPEAL’s “What is Capitalism?” reading group meets today. All are welcome!

Also today is Ohio State Law Journal’s symposium on workers’ rights featuring multiple LPE regulars!

NYU’s LPE Association hosts K-Sue Park on March 29.

The LPE Project’s joint “LPE 101” series with ACS hosts Sanjukta Paul on April 1.

The Journal for Agrarian Change has a CFP out for papers on migrant farmworker resistance.

Harvard’s Institute for Global Law and Policy is now accepting applications for its Global Scholars Academy.