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Weekly Roundup: November 5, 2021


At the Blog

We kicked off a mini-symposium on President Biden’s Executive Order on Promoting Competition in the American Economy.

On Monday, Sandeep Vaheesan argued that while the Order contained many worthy antimonopoly recommendations, it failed to offer a broader vision of fair competition.

On Tuesday, Hiba Hafiz explained how the Order brought much-needed attention to labor market concentration and abusive employment contracts, and outlined what more needs to be done to combat employer power.

More on this subject next week!

And on Thursday, Joy Milligan continued our Bonds of Inequality symposium, by discussing the the extractive logic that often underlies public investment, and the importance of agency and program design to combat this tendency.

In LPE Land

On Monday, Nov. 8, please join us at 12:15 ET for a panel on “Care as Labor, Care as Infrastructure,” featuring Peggie Smith, Gabriel Winant, Haeyoung Yoon, and Amy Kapczynski. This virtual event is open to all, but please register here!