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Political Economy of Care Series

The LPE Project and the Global Health Justice Partnership (GHJP) are co-sponsoring a series of events on health, social reproduction, and crises of care. “Reimagining the Political Economy of Care” emphasizes the role of care work in sustaining and reproducing society, including our conceptions of gender, race, and ability. While centering the conditions of workers in both the formal and informal economy, our panels highlight the links between ideas of care work and the material implications of social reproduction. We address care work as infrastructure, as the new face of the new working class, and as a horizon for organizing in the COVID era and beyond. 

Our five-part, year-long series of panels explores dynamics of domination and distribution in the care economy, and suggest ways in which more democratic approaches to healthcare can overcome the current neoliberal model, the deficiencies of which are now on international display. The series explores how and why care work is undervalued, underpaid, and under-regulated, informed by histories of patriarchy, austerity, and privatization. It also challenges the dominant neoliberal logic of healthcare in broader terms, examining harms distributed by race and ability, while pointing to new horizons for community organizing and resistance.

Oct 11, 2021: How to Vaccinate the World

Nov 08, 2021: Care as Labor, Care as Infrastructure

Feb 01, 2022: Health, Movements, and Power-Building

Mar 03, 2022: Neoliberalism and Healthcare

Apr 05, 2022: Healthcare As Freedom, Healthcare as Control