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LPE Blog Anniversary Crossword Puzzle


Natan Last (@natanlast) writes crosswords for The New Yorker and The New York Times and is writing a nonfiction book about crosswords titled The Electric Grid.

As those of you keeping score at home will already be aware, this November marks the LPE Blog’s fifth anniversary. We embarked on this journey with a commitment to a more egalitarian and democratic society, a set of theoretical premises about the interplay between politics and the economy, and a song in our hearts. We have since published more than 800 posts, by more than 400 authors. To celebrate this occasion, we enlisted crossword constructor extraordinaire Natan Last to create an LPE-themed puzzle. So pour yourself a fresh cup of coffee and get ready to put your LPE knowledge to the test.


And, if you’d prefer a printed version, you can download a .pdf of the puzzle below.