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Weekly Roundup: April 16, 2021


At the Blog

We announced that we’re hiring a new Managing Editor! Apply! Tell others to apply!

Cory Isaacs explored how the economic coercion that leads people to join the military shapes the way politicians make meaning of their deaths.

Amy Cohen & Jason Jackson argued that to understand the agricultural market reforms in India, one has to understand how states have come to depend on concentrated forms of market governance for their own legitimation.

In LPE Land

The Blog is hiring a new Managing Editor! Did you hear?

The Democracy Beyond Neoliberalism conference continues! On April 22, “Critical Theory & Legal Theory: Past and Future” and on April 26, “LPE, Inclusion, & Public Law“, both featuring some absolute giants of the legal academy.

Today ClassCrits is hosting a roundtable discussion on “Queering Class“.

Also today, another round of LPE-APPEAL “office hours”, in which established scholars informally advise emerging scholars.