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Weekly Roundup: April 9, 2021


At the Blog

Shirley Lin kicked off the week with a summary of her argument that the EEOC has undermined the collective commitment to disability accommodations in the workplace by making the accommodation a matter of individual bargaining between highly unequal actors.

Then Robert Post argued, in response to Genevieve Lakier and Nelson Tebbe’s earlier post on the “Great Deplatforming”, that treating social media platforms as quasi-public actors with First Amendment obligations would likely make them even worse under current absolutist free speech principles, and so it might be time to reexamine the implicit assumption of ease of exit that may lie behind those principles.

In LPE Land

Today at 4p Lev Menand is teaching the second “LPE 101” course of the spring, on the law of money and banking.

At 12p-4p on April 16, ClassCrits is hosting a “Queering Class” roundtable. Don’t forget to register to get the link!

At 5p that same day (April 16), are APPEAL/LPE Project office hours, featuring Deborah Dinner, Abby Reyes, and Noah Zatz. Sign up to talk about your work, ideas you’re brainstorming, career paths, et al.

Meanwhile the Democracy Beyond Neoliberalism conference will continue! Videos of events you may have missed continue to be uploaded. The next live event will be on Critical Legal Theory and Law Reform on April 22.

Scholars working on economic power and anti-monopoly in its broadest sense should check out the Economic Security Project’s open call for funding proposals for research projects related to corporate power and social justice.