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Weekly Roundup: December 4, 2020


At the Blog

We finished up our series on the law and political economy of animal agriculture with Lee Miller’s essay on the connections between climate justice and justice for animals. Since we didn’t have a roundup last week you may have missed Caroline Parker’s introduction to the series, Viveca Morris’s case for breaking up the Meat Trust, Matthew Liebman’s call to change the narrative around torturing and slaughtering animals (and the necessity of First Amendment protections), and Jeff Sebo’s argument that animals should have legal personhood.

This week we also hosted Nate Holdren’s response to Karl Klare’s essay on the relationship between post-Marxist socialism and critical legal realism. Holdren argues that Klare overemphasizes indeterminacy, because the logic of capitalism creates a form of extralegal determinacy. This cross-post is LPE’s first collaboration with Legal Form–a blog for Marxist legal theory.

We also hosted Jacob Woocher’s synthesis of arguments against the framework of “affordable housing” that he developed alongside other tenant organizers in the Los Angeles Tenant’s Union.

In LPE Land

Today APPEAL and the LPE Project are co-hosting online office hours for law students and young academics.

Next Friday, the Student Borrower Protection Center is hosting an event on what can be done to cancel student debt without further Congressional action. Among the many great speakers will be Senator Elizabeth Warren and the Blog’s Managing Editor Luke Herrine