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Weekly Roundup: February 26, 2021


At the Blog

On Monday, Lily Hu deconstructed the methodological assumptions that go into making “causal inferences” in certain statistical models, pointing out that there is no way to separate them out from qualitative assumptions about how the world works. She pointed out the implications of this fact for being able to make claims about when racial discrimination “caused” any given outcome.

On Tuesday, Sasha Plotnikova situated the demand for rent cancellation within the broader political economy of property ownership and rental.

In LPE Land

The Democracy Beyond Neoliberalism conference continues! We’ve had an amazing series of events so far, with great turn out. Don’t forget to sign up. Coming up next are panels on power, money, and markets and the relation of social movements to LPE.

Don’t forget to check out our events page to keep updated!