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Weekly Roundup: February 4, 2022


At the Blog

On Monday, Gerald Torres offered a remembrance of Lani Guinier, which focused on the ideas that animated her life. As he writes, “Rather than understanding Professor Guinier’s work as a commentary on voting rights, you should instead appreciate her work on voting as an entry point into a far more serious and engaged inquiry into how we will make democracy work. And it will only work if power is more broadly distributed, robust avenues of accountability are maintained, and the public and the private are understood as complementary components of a democratic society.”

On Wednesday, Joanna Wuest discussed the political economy of queer and trans civil rights. Recent years have witnessed surprising victories, such as Bostock v. Clayton County and the defeat of anti-trans bills in several conservative states, yet revanchist social conservative forces appear more emboldened than ever. By foregrounding the influence of corporate power in recent LGBTQ+ rights conflicts, Wuest reveals the material incentives that drive support for both civil rights expansions and rollbacks. 

In LPE Land

Today (Feb. 4) at 12:45p ET, Amy Kapczynski and Yochai Benkler discuss LPE and the Question of Method as part of the Harvard Empirical Legal Studies Series. What type of questions does LPE scholarship ask? Does it have a method and what are different ways of understanding that term? What does LPE borrow from other legal traditions or other disciplines? Register to find out!

Today (Feb. 4) at 3:00pm ET, APPEAL will be holding a discussion with Frank Pasquale on the LPE Blog symposium he organized last fall: Cost-Benefit Analysis at a Crossroads: A Symposium on the Future of Quantitative Policy Evaluation.

On Thursday, Feb. 10th, at 5P ET, ClassCrits will be holding a discussion about Ezra Rosser’s recent book A Nation Within: Navajo Land and Economic Development, featuring the author, along with Angela Riley, Robert Williams, and Lucy Jewel.