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Weekly Roundup: May 6, 2022


At the Blog

On Monday, the LPE Blog chatted with labor journalist Kim Kelly about her recently published book, Fight Like Hell: The Untold Story of American Labor. Drawing together stories about a wide swath of workers—from garment workers to miners to agricultural workers to sex workers—the book offers several pertinent lessons for our current moment of reinvigorated worker power.

On Tuesday, the blog welcomed a wave of new followers. If you’re curious about what LPE is and what kind of issues we cover at the blog, you might want to check out our Very Brief Field Guide to Law and Political Economy and accompanying Reading List. Nominally aimed at first year law students, it offers a helpful orientation to the LPE cinematic universe. Alternatively, you could browse some of our most popular posts from 2017-2018, 2019, and 2020. Or you could go absolutely hog-wild and dive into everything we published in 2020 and 2021.

On Wednesday, Andrew Elrod offered a coda to our symposium on price stability beyond the fed, by reflecting on some of the initial problems associated with price control during WWII. While the Office of Price Administration is often regarded as the exception to the general rule against price control, the program nearly failed because it initially exempted agricultural commodities, causing the cost of living to continue to rise.

In LPE Land

In light of the news that the Supreme Court is poised to overturn Roe v. Wade, a few pieces of recommended listening and reading:

Amy Kapcyznski joins Kara Swisher to discuss the the real story of the leaked draft: a Court intoxicated with its own power, imposing extreme views on the rest of the country.

In the New Abortion Battleground, David S. Cohen, Greer Donley, and Rachel Rebouché offer a roadmap to the interjurisdictional legal conflicts over abortion that will soon arise.

As as the fight for abortion rights moves from the Courthouse to the legislature, any chance at victory will require sustained, mass organizing; a good moment to reflect on the recent success of the feminist movement in Argentina.