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Yearly Roundup: What the LPE Blog Published in 2020


Goodness, what a year. You know the Lenin ditty. Perhaps you were somewhat distracted and missed some of the high-quality #content we published this year? Don’t worry: you can make it your New Year’s resolution to read more of the Blog. In the meantime, we’ll help you catch up on what you missed. Today’s post will get us started with a list of everything we’ve published. Later in the week the editorial team will pick out some of our favorites.

Let’s start with some of the developments at the blog itself:

Signing OffKate Redburn
Introducing Guest EditorsAngela P. Harris, Noah Zatz

We did make time to cover other things besides ourselves. Most of our posts were organized into symposia:

Race for Profit Symposium

Race for ProfitKeeanga-Yamahatta Taylor
Predatory Inclusion: A Long View of Race for ProfitK-Sue Park
Addressing Race and Gender Inequities at the Root of Housing InjusticeRasheedah Phillips
Exploitation EntrepreneurialismMehrsa Baradaran

Bail Reform Symposium

What Comes After Money Bail?Jocelyn Simonson
“Bail Reform” & Carceral Control: A Critique of New York’s Bail LawsSurvived & Punished NY
Moving From Ending Money Bail to Demanding Pretrial FreedomBrett Davidson, Elisabeth Epps, Saryln Grace, Atara Rich-Shea
Community Bail Funds as a Tool for Prison AbolitionBrett Davidson, Elisabeth Epps, Saryln Grace, Atara Rich-Shea
Reading Bail Reform Through a Critical Race LensSean Allan Hill II
After Money Bail: Lifting the Veil on Pretrial DetentionSandra G. Mayson

Methods Symposium

Stocking the ToolshedLuke Herrine
Privatizing Sovereignty, Socializing Property: What Economics Doesn’t Teach You About the CorporationDavid Ciepley
The Sociology of Markets: An Alternative Political EconomyNeil Fligstein
The Constitutional Theory of the Business EnterpriseJamee K. Moudud
Tracking ExtractionAngela P. Harris
In Praise of BlindspotsSuresh Naidu
Promises All the Way Down: A Primer on the Money ViewElham Saiedinezhad

Public Options Symposium

Enriching the Narrative Economics of Public OptionsFrank Pasquale
The Case for Universal Labor and Employment RightsAmanda Jaret, Sandeep Vaheesan

The Meritocracy Trap Symposium

Liberate the Meritocrats–From their BossesAndrew Hart, Marshall Steinbaum
Guiding Innovation’s Hand: Industrial Policy Against InequalityJeff Gordon
Are the Rich Rentiers or Superordinate Workers?Daniel Markovits
Are We Prisoners of Technological Fate?Daniel Markovits
Labor vs. Capital: Continuing the Meritocracy Trap DebateAndrew Hart, Marshall Steinbaum, Daniel Markovits

Right to Counsel Symposium

Moving Beyond Liberal Legal Rights: An Expansive Vision of Right to CounselJohn Whitlow
Gideon and the Promise of Right to CounselJohn Sadek, Sam Natale


Coronavirus and the Politics of CareAmy Kapczynski
Slumlord Capitalism v. Global Pandemic: LPE on COVIDJohn Whitlow
Two Timelines of COVID CrisisFrank Pasquale
The Fiscal Reckoning to Come: Paying for Virus Relief in an Era of Tax CutsAjay K. Mehrotra
The Economics of ShortagesRamsi A. Woodcock
Flattening the Curve and Closing the Gap: The Civil Rights of Health During a Global PandemicAngela P. Harris, Aysha Pamukcu
The “New Normal” Privatization of the WorkplaceIvana Isailovic
Where is the Care in the CARES Act?Noah Zatz
Rent Cancellation: Social Protection in Uncertain TimesKrystle Okafor
A Nightmare of Work and CareLynn Lu
Blame China? On the Very Possibility of Responsibility for COVID
Sebastian Guidi, Nahuel Maisley
Not an “Achievement Gap”, a Racial Capitalist ChasmNataliya Braginsky

Mutant Neoliberalism Symposium

Dead Again? Mutant Neoliberalism and Crisis ReinventionWilliam Callison, Zachary Manfredi
The Bourgeois Internationale (Part 1, 2)David Singh Grewal
Up or Out Migration and Rated GovernanceAtossa Araxia Abrahamian
Mutant Neoliberalism, Originary Violence and Feminist Revolts in Latin AmericaVeronica Gago
Nationalism and Neoliberal GovernanceWilliam Davies
Mutant Neoliberaliam and the Politics of CultureCorinne Blalock

Black Lives Matter Symposium

The Many Forms of Police ViolenceMonica Bell
Don’t Reform Policing, Transform ItJocelyn Simonson
We Cannot Prosecute Our Way to Making Black Lives MatterKate Levine
Who Should Pay for Police Misconduct?Joanna Schwartz
On Reimagining State and Local Budgets in an Abolitionist MomentBrian Highsmith
Law Student Perspectives: On Grief, Organizing, and Joy in Support of Black LivesEditors
Carceral Feminism at a CrossroadsAya Gruber
An Abolitionist Horizon for Child WelfareCynthia Godsoe
Policing as Unequal ProtectionEvan D. Bernick

Socialist Constitutionalism Symposium

Socialism Past and Future (Part 1, 2)William E. Forbath
The Relevance of WeimarSamuel Moyn
Socialism Past and Future–Or Socialism is Past, and the Future?Alvaro Santos
On Socializing the Constitution of Economic CoordinationSanjukta Paul
The Constitution of Social ProgressBlake Emerson
Countering the Neoliberal Structural ConstitutionMartha McCluskey

Getting By Symposium

LPE In Practice: Why We Wrote Getting ByHelen Hershkoff, Stephen Loffredo
Politics and Poverty LawJohn Whitlow
LPE Praxis for Intergenerational JoyJulia Hernandez
The Clean Sea Breeze of Bad MenGregory Louis
From Altruism to Solidarity: A New (or Perhaps Old) Model for Public ServiceSam Allison-Natale
You Planted a Seed: Legal Problems as Power Building PossibilitiesJamila Michener

The Deficit Myth Symposium

Breadth and TaxesEmma Caterine
The Deficit Myth: Banking Between the LinesRaul Carrillo
MMT and the Homes GuaranteeAshley Burke

Transforming a Broken System Symposium

Introduction to the Transforming a Broken System SymposiumTariq El-Gabalawy
The Intergenerational Impact of Carceral PunishmentMarcelo Lopez, Alejandra Gutierrez
Greensboro to Kenosha: The Failure to Root Out Racism, Toxicity, and Fraternalism in Law EnforcementTariq El-Gabalawy
Establishing a Right to Replacement CounselNathan Fennell
Imperfect Progressive Reforms: Situating the Problem of Gender ViolenceDeborah Weissman
The Academy and the (Undoing of) the Carceral StateShaun Ossei-Owusu, Jocelyn Simonson

JLPE Symposium

Introducing the JLPEAngela P. Harris, Jay Varellas
Different Paths: Colonization is More than ExploitationNatsu Saito
A Labor Theory of NegotiationAmy Cohen
The Functional Logic of Antitrust: Oligarchy vs. DemocracySandeep Vaneesan
Climate Change and Racial CapitalismCarmen Gonzalez
Learning Like a State: Statecraft in the Digital AgeMarion Fourcade, Jeff Gordon

LPE of Meat Symposium

Caroline Parker
Break Up the Modern Meat TrustViveca Morris
At the Cost of an AnimalMatthew Liebman
We Treat Animals as Legal Objects. We Should Treat Them as Legal Subjects InsteadJeff Sebo
Environmental Justice is Climate Justice is Justice for AnimalsLee Miller

But not all of our #content was organized into symposia. Here are our one-off posts, loosely organized by topic:


Buybacks are the Symptom, Shareholder Power the DiseaseJeff Gordon
Money in Context (Part 1, 2)Robert Hockett
The Capital Commons (Part 1, 2)Robert Hockett
Spread the Fed (Part 1, 2)Robert Hockett
Tax Havens: Legal Recoding of Colonial Plunder
Vanessa Ogle

Market Governance

Historicizing Consumer ProtectionLuke Herrine
Consumer Protection after Consumer SovereigntyLuke Herrine
The Hidden Shortages of the Market EconomyRamsi A. Woodcock
Coordination Rights Beyond Nation StatesErik Peinert


On Justice Ginsburg and the Political Economy of the FamilyDeborah Dinner
Last Week’s Surprising Deep Victory for LGBT WorkersKate Redburn
The Algorithmic Capture of Employment and the Tertius BifronsIfeoma Ajunwa

Legal and Political Theory

A Tribute to David GraeberLuke Herrine
Progressive Democracy and Legislative FormBlake Emerson
Situating the Role of Democracy in LPEKatharine Jackson
What Makes an Administrative Agency “Democratic”?Katherine Jackson
Toward a Democratic Political Economy for the First AmendmentNelson Tebbe
On Socialism and Critical TheoryKarl Klare
Overrating Under-determination; Underrating Capitalism (A Response to Karl Klare)Nate Holdren

Organizing & Democratic Alternatives

Planting an OrchardConnie Razza
Climate Accountability and the Moral Logic of StigmaScott Stern, Camila Bustos
The Institutional Design of Community ControlK. Sabeel Rahman, Jocelyn Simonson


How the Philly #HousingNow Encampment Movement Prompts Us to Reimagine a Right to Contract (Part 1, 2)Madison Gray
Privatized “Affordable Housing” is a ScamJeff Woocher


Automation of Labor, Labor of AutomationFrank Pasquale
The Two Faces of American Freedom, Ten Years Later (Part 1, 2, 3)Aziz Rana, Henry Brooks
K-Sue Park on How She Teaches PropertyK-Sue Park
“Long Live Farmer-Laborer Unity”: Contextualizing the Massive Resistance Going on in IndiaNavyug Gill, Veena Dubal