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Weekly Roundup: October 22, 2021


At the Blog

We concluded our symposium on the future of cost-benefit analysis.

On Monday, Mark Silverman explained and criticized how CBA values non-market goods, including the value of human life.

On Tuesday, Amy Sinden argued that agencies should reach for tools that better capture the advantages and disadvantages of regulatory alternatives, as neither Congress nor the Court have called for a one-size-fits-all approach.

And on Thursday, John N. Robinson III continued our Bonds of Inequality symposium, by reflecting on the whether public things can meaningfully protect us from capitalism’s bottom line.

In LPE Land

Today(!), we will be co-hosting a zoom panel on Property Rights Against Democracy: Implications of Cedar Point Nursery, with Niko Bowie, Veena Dubal, and Amy Kapczynski. Open to all, but you gotta smash that register button.

Next Thursday, we’ll be co-hosting another panel with ClassCrits. Please join us for Historicizing the Assault on CRT: The Right vs. Public Education with LaToya Baldwin Clark, Nikhil Pal Singh, Aziz Rana, and Diana Reddy. Moderated by Amy Kapczynski.

In Science, Joe Soss and Joshua Page argued that to understand how and why criminal justice operates as it does, one must attend to its predatory dimensions.