Weekly Roundup: February 25, 2022


At the Blog

On Monday, Devika Dutt continued our symposium on Price Stability Beyond the Fed, arguing that central banks in developing countries must look beyond monetary policy to manage price increases in food and energy. As she writes, “Making credit more expensive for banks and the financial system at large is not going to resolve issues of supply chains or reverse crop failures or reduce the price of energy when it is largely imported.” Instead, it will only put “further pressure on households and firms already affected by higher food prices.” We need to discard the idea that responding to inflation is the sole preserve of Central Banks and begin to focus on massive public investments in agricultural infrastructure.

On Wednesday, Mohit Mookim rekindled our series on Just Transitions. Drawing on the example of the East Bay Permanent Real Estate Cooperative, he considers what “non-extractive finance” might look like in practice, as well as the legal obstacles that such organizations face in accessing major sources of investment capital.

In LPE Land

On Thursday, March 3 at 6p ET, join us for “Neoliberalism and Healthcare,” the fourth event in our “Political Economy of Care” series, hosted jointly with the Global Justice Health Partnership (GHJP). In this zoom event, panelists Julia Lynch, Deborah Stone, Salonee Bhaman, & moderator Amy Kapczynski, will explore how the political framing of health limits public perception of available solutions to social inequality and the care crisis, and how we might move beyond the current consumer-focused healthcare system in the US.

On Friday, March 4, from 4-5p ET, we welcome new & aspiring scholars, graduate and professional students, and others interested in careers in Law and Political Economy to join us for a small group discussion with faculty about academic interests and career strategies. Participating faculty will include Professor Michele Gilman, of the University of Baltimore Law, and Professor James F. Tierney, of Nebraska College of Law.

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