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Yearly Roundup: What We Published in 2023


In daylights, in sunsets, in midnights, in cups of coffee? Here at the blog, we prefer to measure a year in the posts that we share together. And by that metric, 2023 was solid gold and ton heavy. With 150+ authors offering the sharpest analysis in the legal blogosphere and more loyal readers than ever before, we’ve been making waves. So before plunging into the icy waters of 2024, we thought we’d take a moment to reflect on the year that was. Today, we bring you The Big List of Everything We Published™ and, on Wednesday, our editorial staff will highlight some of their favorite entries.

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As always, we tried to keep you informed about the insights being developed in the wider LPE universe:

What to Watch: The Thirteen Best Panels Streaming This Weekend
- Our guide to LPE: Labor, Social Control, and Counterpower
Early Edition: (Some of) the Best New LPE and LPE-Adjacent Scholarship
- Our Spring 2023 scouting report
Early Edition: (More of) the Best New LPE and LPE-Adjacent Scholarship
- Our Fall 2023 scouting report

We also summoned fresh insights into existence, by convening symposia on a range of topics:

Workplace Surveillance, Collective Resistance

Workplace Surveillance, Collective Resistance: A Symposium
- Ann Sarnak
Labor Under Many Eyes: Tracking the Long-Haul Trucker
- Karen Levy
Surveillance and Resistance in Amazon’s Growing Platform Ecosystem
- Sarrah Kassem
Electronic Surveillance Is Short-Circuiting Employment and Labor Law
- Reed Shaw
Beyond Privacy: Changing the Data Power Dynamics in the Workplace
- Matthew Bodie
Knitting Together Patchwork Privacy and Labor Law Frameworks to Protect Workers from Corporate Surveillance
- Alvin Velazquez

Networks, Platforms, and Utilities

Networks, Platforms, and Utilities: Law and Policy
- Morgan Ricks, Ganesh Sitaraman, Shelley Welton, and Lev Menand
The Political Economy of NPU Law
- Amy Kapczynski
“What Have the Romans Ever Done for Us?” Dismantling Neoliberal Pieties One Sector at a Time
- Yochai Benkler

Reconsidering Reparations

Reconsidering Reparations
- Olúfẹ́mi O. Táíwò
Reconsidering the Future
- Daniel Aldana Cohen
What Will Worldmaking Require?
- Alyssa Battistoni
Development for Some, Disaster for Others: The Case for Reparations
- Matthew Robinson

LPE of Rural America

The Law and Political Economy of Rural America
- Ann M. Eisenberg
Regulation’s Role in Geographic Inequality
- Ganesh Sitaraman, Morgan Ricks, and Christopher Serkin
Rural and Racialized: How Property Law Perpetuates Racial Disparities
- Emily A. Prifogle, Jessica A. Shoemaker
Putting Rural Communities on the (Broadband) Map
- Christopher Ali
The Carceral Conjuncture in Central Appalachia
- Judah Schept
Rural Civil Disobedience and Fossil Capital: Toward Radical Futures
- Nicholas F. Stump

China and LPE

China and the Political Economy of the International Legal Order
- Jedidiah Kroncke
On the Place of Racial Capitalism in China’s Northwestern Frontier
- Vincent Wong
Marxism and China’s Effort to Build “Foreign-Related Rule of Law”
- Wanshu Cong
Labor Rights and the U.S.-China Relationship: From Neoliberal Consensus to Imperial Rivalry
- Eli Friedman
Toward a Postmetaphysical Approach to the Study of Chinese Law
- Xiaoqian Hu
Civil Procedure in U.S.-China Relations
- Yanbai Andrea Wang
Analyzing China: The Role of Empathy in Comparative Law
- Alex L. Wang

Captive Labor

Labor and the Carceral State
- Erin Hatton
Not Worker, But Chattel
- Ivan Kilgore
Untangling the Nineteenth-Century Roots of Mass Incarceration
- Rebecca McLennan
‘Better’ Work Won’t Fix Prisons
- Stephen Wilson, Minali Aggarwal, Jacqueline Groccia, and Lydia Villaronga
Building Anti-Carceral Unionism: A Q&A on Local 79’s “Real Re-Entry” Campaign
- Han Lu and Bernard Callegari
Alabama Rising: The Past, Present, and Future of the Prisoners’ Rights Movement
- Andrew Ross, Aiyuba Thomas
Strategic Lessons from Abolitionist Labor Struggle In Immigration Detention
- Lisa Knox, Hamid Yazdan Panah, Serafin Andrade Lopez
From Work in Prison to Carcerality at Work
- Noah Zatz

Climate, Economics, and “Green Capitalism”

Offset Frontiers, Fossil Capitalism and the Law
- Larry Lohmann
Renewable Power: Who Will Own the Clean Energy Future?
- William Boyd
Net-Zero Emissions: Good Climate Science, Bad Climate Policy
- Shelley Welton
Risk-Rating and Networked Authority: A Climate Leviathan in Formation?
- Savannah Cox, John Hogan Morris, Zac Taylor
Damage Functions (Or Why I Am Mad at Economists)
- Madison Condon
Plan Halmahera: Industrial Urbanism, Rechargeable Batteries, Replaceable Bodies
- Hendro Sangkoyo

Economic Sanctions & Twail

Economic Sanctions: Where LPE Meets Third World Approaches to International Law
- Aslı Ü. Bâli, Ntina Tzouvala
The Opacity of Economic Coercion
- Jessica Whyte
Sanctions’ New Colonizers
- Maryam Jamshidi
Successful Failures: Economic Sanctions, Humanitarianism, and the Undoing of Post-Colonial Sovereignty
- Ntina Tzouvala
The Antinomies of “Peaceful” Sanctions
- Eva Nanopoulos
Weapons Against the Weak
- Aslı Ü. Bâli

Torn Apart & Prosecuting Poverty

Building a World Without Family Policing
- Dorothy Roberts
Building a World Without Criminalized Care
- Wendy Bach
Under the Guise of Care
- Amna Akbar
How Can Academic Research Support Non-Reformist Reforms?
- Nancy Polikoff
Caring for Children by Punishing Parents
- Shanta Trivedi
The Profits of Family Policing and Punishment
- Jane M. Spinak
The Deep Roots Linking Help and Punishment
- Tina Lee	
The Maternal Control Complex
- Kelley Fong

Does LPE Need Theory?

Does LPE Need Theory?
- Samuel Moyn
In Defense of Theoretical Pluralism
- Jedediah Britton-Purdy
Legal Theory in the Lowercase
- Ntina Tzouvala
In Defense of Theoretical Quietism
- Sanjukta Paul
Did CLS Have (Much Of) Any Theory?
- Talha Syed
Critical Legal Theory & Radical Political Praxis
- Bernard E. Harcourt
Is Capitalism “a Thing”?
- Matthew Dimick
The Role of Law in Capitalism
- Yochai Benkler

Non-Reformist Reforms

A Horizon Beyond Legalism: On Non-Reformist Reforms
- Amna Akbar
What Non-Reformist Reforms Meant to Us
- Karl Klare
What Does Critical Race Theory Teach Us About Non-Reformist Reforms?
- Fanna Gamal
Emancipatory Horizons in Tenant Organizing
- Tara Raghuveer
Abolition in the Interstices
- Jamelia Morgan

But not all of our #content was organized into symposia. Here are our one-off posts, loosely organized by topic:


Eight Reactions to the FTC’s Proposed Ban on Non-competes
- Suresh Naidu, Catherine L. Fisk, David Seligman, Leah Samuel, Sandeep Vaheesan, Sanjukta Paul, Najah A. Farley, Basel Musharbash
Brandeis in Brussels: What American Reformers Can Learn from the European Union
- Chase Foster, Kathleen Thelen
The Treatise That Has Misled Antitrust Lawyers for Decades
- Sandeep Vaheesan, Andy Fitch


When the Public University Is the Corporate Landlord
- Charmaine Chua, Desiree Fields, David Stein
A Wagner Act for Tenant Unions
- Duncan Kennedy, Karl Klare, Michael Turk
Why Should Tenant Unions Look to Labor Law?
- Greg Baltz, Shakeer Rahman
Why Unions Should Join the Housing Fight
- Zoe Tucker


The House Always Wins: The Algorithmic Gamblification of Work
- Veena Dubal
Can Consumer Law Protect Workers?
- Jonathan Harris 
Can Wage Boards Work in America?
- César F. Rosado Marzán
Cemex and the Right to Organize: Three Theories of the Case
- Brishen Rogers
Surveillance Wages: A Taxonomy
- Zephyr Teachout
Palestinian Freedom, Antisemitism Accusations, and Civil Rights Law
- Noah Zatz


Race and Profit in the Civil Courts
- Kathryn A. Sabbeth, Lauren Sudeall, Jessica K. Steinberg, Tonya L. Brito
Terrorism Torts and the Right to Colonize
- Darryl Li
How the Court is Pitting Workers Against Each Other
- James D. Nelson, Elizabeth Sepper, Kate Redburn
Seven Reactions to Biden v. Nebraska
- Louise Seamster, Blake Emerson, Marshall Steinbaum, Ryann Liebenthal, Jonathan D. Glater, Persis Yu, and Luke Herrine


Rewiring Regulatory Review
- K. Sabeel Rahman
Some Short Circuits in the Rewiring of Regulatory Review
- Luke Herrine
The Origins of the Nonprofit Industrial Complex
- Claire Dunning
The Care Bureaucracy
- Yiran Zhang
How to Protect Federal Agencies through Collaborative Bargaining
- Asher Morse
Who Cares About Efficiency?
- Luke Herrine

Market Governance

What’s Beyond “Beyond Neoliberalism”? 
- Amy Kapczynski
What the Telegraph Can Teach Us About the Moral Economy
- Evelyn Atkinson
The Merger of Government and Religion
- Elizabeth Sepper, James D. Nelson
Is This the End of Corporate Capitalism?
- Jerry Davis

Legal and Political Theory

Reading the Post-Neoliberal Right 
- Amy Kapczynski
Your Boss Doesn’t Care About You 
- Barry Maguire
What CLS Meant by the Indeterminacy Thesis
- Akbar Rasulov
Jackson, Mississippi, and the Contested Boundaries of Self-Governance
- Brian Highsmith
Two Fallacies of Democratic Design
- Samuel Bagg

Social Movements

Toward Prefigurative Lawyering
-  Sameer Ashar
What Law Clinics Left Behind
- Talia K. Rothstein
RICO and Stop Cop City: The Long War Against the Left
- Dan Berger
Students for Justice in Palestine, Governors for Authoritarianism in Florida
- Maryam Jamshidi
A Call for Institutional Fairness on Palestine
- Ryan D. Doerfler, Sanjukta Paul, E. Tendayi Achiume, Aziza Ahmed, Sameer Ashar, Aslı Ü. Bâli, Monica Bell, Nikolas Bowie, LaToya Baldwin Clark, Veena Dubal, William E. Forbath, Tarek Z. Ismail, Karl Klare, Genevieve Lakier, Darryl Li, Samuel Moyn, K-Sue Park, Katharina Pistor, Aziz Rana, Dorothy Roberts, Jocelyn Simonson, Noah Zatz

Ecological Reproduction

Tax Policy for a Climate in Crisis
- Martha McCluskey
Climate Change and the Neoliberal Imagination
- Douglas Kysar

Money & Banking

Six Reactions to the Silicon Valley Bank Debacle
- Christine Desan, Lev Menand, Raúl Carrillo, Rohan Grey, Dan Rohde, and Hilary J. Allen
Who Is Risk Taking For? Banking in the Shadow of SVB
- Joel Michaels
Upon the Conviction of the Villain Sam Bankman-Fried
- Raúl Carrillo 

Criminal Legal System

The High Cost of Cheap Prisons
- Tommaso Bardelli, Zach Gillespie, Thuy Linh Tu
Defendants, United, Could Strike the State Blindsided
- Andrew Manuel Crespo
Cruel, But Not Unusual, Market Foundations
- Sandeep Dhaliwal


Dismantle or Democratize Big Tech?
- Paul Gowder
Towards a Legal Understanding of Social Data
- Amanda Parsons and Salomé Viljoen
How Not to Regulate Digital Platforms
- Elettra Bietti
Seven Reactions to Biden’s Executive Order on Artificial Intelligence
- John Mark Newman, Veena Dubal, Salomé Viljoen, Ifeoma Ajunwa, Nikolas Guggenberger, Elettra Bietti, Jason Jackson, JS Tan

Transnational LPE

How Free Trade Threatens Global Democracy
- Adam Dean
How Terrorism Torts Could Challenge Israeli Settler Violence
- Maryam Jamshidi
The Latest US Export to Brazil? Legalized Labor Exploitation
- Veena Dubal, Renan Kalil
Economic Coercion in a Multipolar World
- Ryan Martínez Mitchell
Heterodox Corporate Laws in the Global South
- Mariana Pargendler
Why Is Biden Endorsing Corporate Colonialism in Honduras?
- David Adler, José Miguel Ahumada