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Yearly Roundup: What We Published in 2022


The continued Alito-fication of the Supreme Court. Biden (kind of) cancelling (some) student debt. The first steps toward a green transition. This past year had a little bit of everything. And so it was at the blog. Today, we share a list of everything we published in 2022, ranging from the bleeding edge of antitrust to the creative militancy of the Young Lords. Later in the week, the editorial team will pick out some of our favorites.

Let’s start with what’s important, ourselves:

LPE Blog Anniversary Crossword Puzzle 
-Natan Last
We’re Hiring an Academic Fellow
-Still Accepting Applications!
August Hiatus
-A new primer, our most read posts, & new editorial staff
Hot Anti-Monopoly Summer
-How did we overlook "Wet Hot Anti-Monopoly Summer"?

We did, however, make time to cover other things besides ourselves. About half of our posts were organized into symposia:

Beyond the Fed

Price Stability Beyond the Fed: A Symposium
- Raúl Carrillo
The Fed’s Sole Mandate
- Lev Menand
Monetary Power and the Core-Periphery Dynamics of Inflation
- Karina Patrício Ferreira Lima & John Hogan Morris
Inflation, Race, & Labor: An Interview with Darrick Hamilton
- Darrick Hamilton & Raúl Carrillo
Ways of Price Making, Inflation, and Energy Price Shocks
- William Boyd
Let Them Eat Cake: Inflation Beyond Monetary Policy
- Devika Dutt
In a Good Economy Homelessness Goes Up
- David Stein
Financial Regulation, Price Stability, and the Future
- Rohan Grey
Full Employment without Inflation
- Andrew Elrod

The Next Shift

The Making of a New Working Class
- Gabriel Winant
Labor Law and Employer Domination: From Steel to Care
- Brishen Rogers
The Making of a Caregiving Crisis
- Allison K. Hoffman
Servicing Social Citizenship in a Divided Welfare State
- Karen Tani
From Steel to Health Care to Broke
- Michelle Wilde Anderson

Root & Branch Reconstruction in Antitrust

Root and Branch Reconstruction in Antitrust: A Symposium
- Sanjukta Paul
Merger Policy for a Fair Economy
- Sandeep Vaheesan
The Antitrust Case Against Gig Economy Labor Platforms
- Marshall Steinbaum
Can Contract Workers Organize as Joint Venture Associations?
- Steven C. Salop
The Public Benefit of Liberalizing Coordination between Small Economic Players: The Australian Experience
- Shae McCrystal

The Anti-Oligarchy Constitution

Constitutional Political Economy for a Democracy, Not an Oligarchy
- William E. Forbath & Joseph Fishkin
American Social Democracy and Its Imperial Roots
- Aziz Rana
Democracy, Bureaucracy, and Rights
- Katharine Jackson
Procedural Political Economy
- Luke Norris
Dobbs, Anti-Oligarchy, and the Problem of History
- Amanda Shanor
Reconstituting Political and Economic Democracy for the 21st Century
- Jennifer Klein

Power-Building Strategies

Black Panthers: Building Power through Prefiguration
- Lucie E. White
Gray Panthers: Bending Bureaucracy and Building Power
- Maya Sandler
The Young Lords: Building Power through Direct Action
- Johanna Fernández

Decommodifying Urban Property

Taking the Market Off Land
- Molly Gordon & Ann Sarnak
From Vacancy to Decommodification: Co-Cities and the Enabling State
- Sheila Foster
Social Housing and Housing Justice
- Jacob Udell, Celeste Hornbach, Oksana Mironova, Samuel Stein
Law and Countervailing Tenant Power in the Real Estate State
- John Whitlow
Collateral Cities
- Elora Lee Raymond
Property Commodification as a Municipal Strategy
- Laura Wolf-Powers
A Roundhouse is Not a Gazebo: Awkward Moments in Radical Real Estate
- The Sustainable Economies Law Center

Coerced: Work Under Threat of Punishment

Coerced: Work Under Threat of Punishment
- Erin Hatton
Labor Coercion and the Status/Economy Distinction
- Noah Zatz
Status As Sword
- Michael M. Oswalt
Just Do It: Sport, the Culture of Punishment, and Status Coercion
- Billy Hawkins
Status Coercion in the Context of Human Trafficking and Forced Labor
- Kathleen C. Kim

Thinking Like an Economist

The Limits of “Thinking like an Economist”
- Elizabeth Popp Berman
When It Comes to the History of Economics, Don’t Think like an Economist
- Marshall Steinbaum
What Could Replace the Economic Style?
- Frank Pasquale
The ‘Economic Style’ as Red Scare Legacy
- Landon Storrs
Thinking like a President
- Lisa Heinzerling
The Economics of Reaction
- Erik Peinert

Capitalism & Disability: On the Work of Marta Russell

Capitalism & Disability
- Beatrice Adler-Bolton & Artie Vierkant
Capitalism & Disability as Research Agenda
- Karen Tani
Moral Equality, Marxism, and Outraged Empathy
- Nate Holdren
The Reactive Model of Reasonable Accommodation
- Ruth Colker
Disability and the Cisgender State
- Jules Gill-Peterson
A Conversation about Marta Russell with Liat Ben-Moshe and Dean Spade
- Liat Ben-Moshe, Dean Spade, & Beatrice Adler-Bolton

Law and the Critique of Capitalism

International Law and (the Critique of) Political Economy
- Ntina Tzouvala
Amy Kapczynski and Wendy Brown on Democracy
- Wendy Brown & Amy Kapczynski
On Being Essentially Dispossessed
- Veena Dubal

Law Clinics & Racial Capitalism

Law Clinics and Racial Capitalism
- Sameer Ashar, Renee Hatcher & John Whitlow
Leveraging Law School Clinics Against Family Policing
- Julia Hernandez & Tarek Z. Ismail
Reaching Beyond the Binary to Find Humanity
- Alicia Virani
Designing an Emancipatory Clinic
- Missy Risser-Lovings
Where the Law Falls Short
- Stephanie Campos-Bui

A Nation Within

A Nation Within: Navajo Land and Economic Development
- Ezra Rosser
Good Native Governance for the Seven Generations
- Angela Riley
Tribal Consultation as Right and Obligation
- Lauren van Schilfgaarde
Recovering Emergence: A Nation Within What?
- Dana E. Powell

But not all of our #content was organized into symposia. Here are our one-off posts, loosely organized by topic:


The Dawn of Antitrust: An Egalitarian Interpretation of the Sherman Act
- Sanjukta Paul
Recovering Contingency within American Antimonopoly and Democracy
- Laura Phillips Sawyer
Seven Reactions to the FTC’s Policy Statement on Unfair Methods of Competition
- Paul, Vaheesan, Buck, Herrine, Steinbaum, Jackson, Bush, & Glick

Courts & the Constitution

New Year, New Amendments
- Amy Kapczynski, Aziz Rana, & Robert L. Tsai
The Role of Courts in American Political Economy
- Brian Highsmith & Kathleen Thelen
State, Economy, & LGBTQ+ Civil Rights
- Joanna Wuest
Courtrooms Where No One Knows the Law
- Sara Sternberg Greene
The Indian Country Abortion Safe Harbor Fallacy
- Lauren van Schilfgaarde, Aila Hoss, Sarah Deer, Ann E. Tweedy, & Stacy Leeds
How Agencies Should Respond to West Virginia v. EPA
- Todd Phillips & Daniel E. Walters
The Law and Political Economy of Religious Freedom
- Kate Redburn
The Public Reliance on Private Toilets
- Rick Weinmeyer
The Right to Counsel in a Neoliberal Age
- Zohra Ahmed
The Oligarchic Courthouse
- Helen Hershkoff & Luke Norris


Bankruptcy as Social Safety Net
- Pamela Foohey
The Politics of the Law of Biden’s Student Debt Jubilee
- Luke Herrine

Ecological Reproduction

Communities of Extraction
- Wyatt Sassman
The Other Environmental Law: Climate Law’s Police Phase
- Ted Hamilton
Seven Reactions to the “Permitting Reform” Debate
- Sabin, Dillen, Fleischman, Cahn, Gordon, O'Reilly, & Pleune

Housing & Property

The Paradox of Property in the American Rule of Law
- Paul Gowder
Profiting from the Efforts of Others: Understanding Property-as-Capital
- Paddy Ireland
A Just Transition for Finance
- Mohit Mookim
How Civil Probation is Rewriting Eviction Law
- Nicole Summers


Governments are Invincible until They’re Not: On the Farmers’ Victory in India
- Veena Dubal, Navyug Gill
A Conversation about LPE & Disability, Part 1, Part 2
- Rabia Belt, Doron Dorfman, Jasmine Harris, Jamelia Morgan, & Karen Tani
Fight Like Hell: An Interview with Kim Kelly
- Kim Kelly


Eight Reactions to NFIB v. Department of Labor
- Herrine, Zatz, Dubal, Emerson, Reddy, Holdren, Grueskin, & Garden
Lessons for Legal Mobilization
-Scott Cummings
Formalizing Childcare Through Subsidies: A Distributional Critique
- Yiran Zhang
Six Reactions to Viking River v. Moriana
- Gilles, Seligman, Elmore, Deutsch, Coleman, & Norris
When Labor Law Protects Corporate Interests Better than Corporate Law Does
- Alvin Velazquez
Labour Law and Political Economy
- Ruth Dukes & Wolfgang Streeck
Not So Free to Contract: The Law, Philosophy, and Economics of Unequal Workplace Power
- Lawrence Mishel

Market Governance

Codetermination: The Missing Alternative in Corporate Governance
- Matthew Bodie & Grant Hayden
Why Are Americans So Unhappy about the Economy?
- Amy Kapczynski & Jacob Hacker
The Myth that Shareholders are “Investors”
- Lenore Palladino
On Price Gouging and the Non-Ideal Theory of Fair Price
- Luke Herrine
LPE and the Global Food Crisis
- William Boyd
Who’s Afraid of Public Ownership?
- Jay Clayton
A Modern Democratic State, If We Can Keep It
- William Novak
Energy Price Shocks and the Failures of Neoliberalism
- William Boyd
Saving Industrial Policy from Shareholder Primacy
- Will Dobbs-Allsopp, Lenore Palladino, & Reed Shaw

Political & Legal Theory

Indeterminacy & Political Economy: A Keywords Teaser
- Talha Syed
Remembering Lani Guinier
- Gerald Torres
Taking Democracy Seriously in the Administrative State
- Daniel E. Walters
Democracy Without Law?
- Noah Zatz
How the Corporation Lost Its Image as a “Creature of State”
- Carly Knight	
Corporate Personhood & Corporate Purpose: A Response to Knight
- Dan Rohde
Trans Emancipation Through Challenging the State
- Scott Skinner-Thompson
The Political Economy of Journalistic Objectivity
- Sydney Forde


Privacy’s Democratic Pushback
- Scott Skinner-Thompson
Co-optation and Counterinsurgency in Surveillance Reform
- Stop LAPD Spying Coalition
The Legal Construction of Discriminatory Mass Surveillance
- Gregory Brazeal

Transnational LPE

Advancing Equity in the Data Economy: The Case for International Taxation
- Amanda Parsons
Embedding Societal Values in International Law
- Sonia E. Rolland